System-Wide Survey Underway

Power Lines

Delaware Electric Cooperative is currently conducting a system-wide survey to determine where we have third-party attachments on our poles. Companies like Comcast, Verizon and Mediacom use our poles to attach some of their lines and equipment – they pay a fee to use our poles. This survey will ensure that the companies with attachments are being billed fairly.

According to Manager of Engineering Troy Dickerson, the survey will record how many attachments per company are on each of DEC’s poles. In doing so, the Co-op can charge more accurately for our services.

If you use electricity, you are paying for the delivery of the electricity to your house. You are not getting electricity for free. That same rule applies to an attachment, you are not allowed to attach for free,” Dickerson said. “They have a pole attachment fee because, if we have to change out that pole, we have to worry about their cables and their conductors. We’re getting paid if we have to relocate their infrastructure when they are attached to our poles.”

This is DEC’s first system-wide survey since 2007. It is being conducted by Davey Resource Group of Greenville, Delaware and is projected to be completed by January. You may see representatives of the Davey Resource Group throughout our service territory over the next few months as they complete this important Co-op project.