Scams Target Members

As we head into the holiday season, members are increasingly being targeted by utility scammers — particularly those who are threatening immediate disconnection, knowing many members have past-due accounts due to COVID-19 hardships. 

Scammers typically call and threaten service disconnection and then demand immediate payment — often through prepaid cards, gift cards or other unusual methods. If you have a past-due balance, DEC will call or email you multiple notices and recommend payment options before disconnecting service. If you receive any suspicious calls about your account, please call us at 855-332-9090. The Delaware Senior Medicare Patrol has also issued warnings about other COVID-19 related scams.

The Patrol says Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or other health official impersonators are going door-to-door offering COVID-19 testing in exchange for Medicare numbers, credit/debit card numbers, or cash, suggesting you should act quickly to “keep your family safe. Neither the CDC nor health workers will go door-to-door, email, or call to offer a COVID-19 test or any vaccine for the virus.  If your personal information is compromised, it may be used in other fraud schemes. 

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