Power Cost Adjustment Increase Approved

Wildcat Point Generation Facility in Cecil County, MD.

Your Co-op’s board of directors approved an increase in DEC’s Power Cost Adjustment, or PCA,  during a virtual hearing on February 16. The PCA is the portion of your bill that reflects the cost of purchasing and producing the energy that powers local homes, farms and businesses. Unfortunately, DEC has not been able to escape the impacts of near-record inflation. Since late 2021, the price of natural gas used by power plants to generate electricity has increased about 80 percent, meaning it is costing DEC more to produce electricity. As a not-for-profit utility, your Co-op cannot absorb these dramatic cost increases. If the price of natural gas falls significantly, we hope to be able to lower rates as we did in 2020 and 2021. For now, the PCA increase will add about $10 to the average residential monthly electric bill. While this is unwelcome news, we want you to know that DEC rates are still among the lowest in the region, and members save hundreds of dollars per year compared to the rates charged by other Delaware utilities. To help keep rates affordable, please consider participating in our Beat the Peak program, which lowers energy usage across our system when the cost of power is most expensive. Learn more about how to participate at www.beatthepeak.coop.