Meter Safety: What You Need To Know


It is in the mutual interest of Delaware Electric Cooperative and our members to ensure electrical meters are in an easily accessible location. Plants and landscaping, as well as decks and other structures, are meter obstructions which create problems for meter access and maintenance. Have a clear, safe walking path to the meter available at all times.  Avoid building or placing structures directly around the meter, which may have to be removed to access the meter.

Delaware Electric Cooperative’s Terms & Conditions of Service reads, “The Member shall provide access to the meter for the purposes of reading, testing, repairing or replacement.  Housing or decorative covers shall not hinder or prevent the performance of these tasks.  Upon, notice, the Member shall remove any obstacle to the performance of these duties.” 

Members can avoid costs and help us to provide the best service possible by keeping your meter clear. If you are considering building around your meter or have questions concerning meter obstructions, please call (302)-349-3125 for more information on how to keep your meter fully accessible.