What's On the Menu?

The Long Neck Diner serves a variety of dishes to satisfy every customer.

  For a small state, Delaware’s restaurant scene is robust. No matter what your taste buds are tingling for, odds are you can find the right flavor without having to travel too far. Still, the classic diner continues to be a First State foodie favorite. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the homecooked food diners offer, along with the friendly service and comfortable atmosphere that makes everyone feel like a regular. The Long Neck Diner along Route 24 offers customers that traditional cozy ambiance with a twist on traditional diner fare. 

   When guests first open the extensive menu, they’ll see the basics — burgers and breakfast. As they read further, they’ll find meals that diner kitchens don’t usually prepare. There are dishes from the sea, including shrimp and scallop pomodoro and flounder verde. For land lovers, they serve up mouthwatering prime rib, chicken de-mare and dozens of other delightful dishes. For those looking to imbibe after a long day, there’s also a fully-stocked bar. And don’t forget dessert! Customers can choose from an assortment of delicious homemade cakes and pies. 

   Because of the varied meals they serve, the Long Neck Diner has grown into a local staple. Co-owner Muammer Turan, who has been in the restaurant business for almost 20 years, took over ownership in 2016. Since then, he has used his experience to dramatically expand upon the types of meals his eatery provides. 

   Turan says his interest in owning the diner stemmed from his passion for cooking, as well as his time spent working in other diners. “Because I cooked in a diner, I knew the diner kitchen,” Turan says. “I love cooking. If there isn’t enough help in the kitchen one day, I’m always ready to go back and help out. I enjoy the customers, too.”

   The Long Neck Diner's customer-base is as diverse as its food selection. During the summer, people headed to the beach frequent the diner as much as the locals. "During summertime, people are travelling through, but they are still our regulars because they know the place," Turan says. "They stop here before they even go to their house."

And it’s easy to see why so many locals and beachgoers have made the diner their go-to destination for a bite to eat. By mixing the flair of fine dining with a hometown touch, the Long Neck Diner creates a dining experience that's both fresh and familiar.