Seven Sister’s Shop Brings Family and Friends Together

Inside the Shop

Sometimes the most extraordinary memories are made in places found off the beaten path. One such place can be found down a long, winding driveway about 10 miles west of Dover on Westville Road. It’s called the Seven Sister’s Shop yet doesn’t really seem like a shop at all. Chickens roam freely in the yard, a donkey can be heard braying beyond the house, music is playing and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing inside the tiny shop, which could be mistaken for a cottage. 

Above the doorway is a West Virginia license plate, which belonged to owner Jennifer Wooleyhand’s late mother. “I have six sisters. We were raised in Wyoming and everyone knew the seven sisters. In the 1970s, my mother owned an antique shop called the Seven Sister’s Shop. When she passed away in 1995, I bought the company name from the state of Delaware, just to keep it in the family. Then, three years later I opened up the art shop.”


Living up to its name, the shop is a family affair. Jennifer, her sisters and close friends produce arts and crafts to sell to patrons. “Most of them are creative in some sort of really unique way and most of them do something for the shop. Two of my sisters make fantastic jewelry, it’s unbelievable.” Shoppers can find folk art, birdhouses, jewelry and other locally crafted items. 

Wooleyhand said the spirit of her mother lives on at the Seven Sister’s Shop, which serves as a reminder of her mother’s passion for the arts. “She’s here. She was crazy beautiful inside and out and she would have just loved it here. She would have loved the shop—and would have also told me what to do.” 

Some artists are quick to note the inspiration behind their masterpieces. That’s not the case for Jennifer. Her creative process starts by gathering driftwood from locations around Delmarva; places she prefers to keep a secret. Then, she waits—never knowing exactly what her natural bounty will be turned into. Her imagination can run wild, and she eventually turns her fanciful ideas into art. “I go find a piece of driftwood that looks like a lion’s head and that’s what I turn it into. I’ll get out the wood, gourds and paint and then watch TV. That’s when it hits me and I start painting.” 

Did we mention that everyone at the shop is friendly and fun? The combination of imaginative art, a beautiful property and the fresh Kent County air allows for a unique experience. 

“We’ve been told that there’s a warm feeling as people come up the driveway. I’m just thrilled that they’re happy here. You can tell that they are happy and that they’re enjoying the crazy art,” said Wooleyhand. 

The non-traditional retailer doesn’t keep traditional hours either. Until fall, you can call Jennifer at 302-270-4848 to make an appointment. The Seven Sister’s Shop has an annual open house, which will take place the last Saturday in October from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and they’ll be open every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. until Christmas. No matter when you decide to visit, Wooleyhand said she can make certain guarantees. “This stuff isn’t made in China, it’s made here. And it’s made by people who love it. I think people get that. It’s a place of whimsical fascination.” 


Inside the Shop