Beyond the Bottle

Visit Salted Vine's tasting room to sample the more than one dozen wines the winery has onsite.

   Blackwater Road near Frankford is typical of the streets you’ll find in rural Sussex County — sprinkled with trees, houses and fields of soybeans. Situated in the countryside is something Sussex County residents don’t see every day: perfectly manicured rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Twelve rows of each grape variety line an inviting stone drive that leads to Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery. The drive ends at the picturesque building that houses the winery’s tasting room. Salted Vines owner Adrian Mobilia says visiting his winery is an incredible experience. 

   “When someone pulls in the drive, the first thing that has to happen is they have to be wowed by the vineyard. Then, they see the face of the building with all the pretty landscaping, and it’s another wow factor. Once you come in the front door, you see a huge chandelier, and then you get a warm, friendly welcome.”
All of that happens before visitors delight their palates by tasting some of the more than one dozen wines produced at Salted Vines.    

   Mobilia says the diversity of the wines produced at the 26-acre winery is part of what makes Salted Vines special. From Chardonnay to Viognier and Cabernet Franc Rosé to Malbec, there is something dry or sweet that will please even the pickiest of patrons. There are even wine slushies! “This is what separates us from other wineries. We have a great depth and breadth of wines on our menu, and they rotate frequently. That’s the key to our success,” says Mobilia. 

   Aside from the delicious wine, guests can also enjoy beer, cocktails and chocolate as they listen to live music on the weekends or sample food from visiting food trucks. Visitors can enjoy tastings in the rustic tasting room or sip from a bottle of wine on the alluring patio. 

   In June, work started to expand the winery’s main building. Once completed, Salted Vines will be able to triple wine production from its current 43,000 bottles per year. They will also be able to host more events. 

   According to Mobilia, “Expanding is part of wanting to perfect your craft. Our craft here is putting on an experience. The wine is the icing on the cake. If we provide an experience and something to do, everything else falls into place.”

   For Mobilia, Salted Vines is the culmination of a lifetime of working in the industry. From toiling on his family farm and winery to now owning his own award-winning vineyard, his passion for perfecting his craft has created something everyone can enjoy. 

   “It’s a good family-friendly and fun environment. You can bring your dog, your kids and run around the property. Get a glass of wine, walk up and down the rows, or just relax and enjoy yourself.”