Acorn Books

Thirty years ago, books were big business, even for local bookstores. Online behemoths, like Amazon, didn’t exist. If you wanted a book, you went to the nearest bookstore. Times have certainly changed — you can now buy millions of books online, and books are available on e-readers and virtually any smart device. 
Despite these challenges, Acorn Books in Smyrna continues to thrive, thanks to dedicated patrons and a focus on personalized service. “That has been the hallmark of every bookstore I’ve ever worked in. The customer walks in the door and is greeted. So even if we’re doing a hundred things, we still make time to say hello. Everyone who walks into your home should be greeted and that’s what we do,” said Ginny Jewell, who owns the store on DuPont Boulevard with her husband, Barry. 
Jewell was working at Atlantic Books in Dover when they closed their doors in 2011. The closure left book lovers in the capital city in shock and Kent County without a dedicated all-purpose bookstore. “When Atlantic Books closed, people were devastated. People were crying, wondering where they were going to bring their kids to read. We thought, what are we going to do?” said Jewell.  
The Jewells and several others thought they could help fill the void. Jewell traded her severance package for bookshelves, and in 2012, Acorn Books opened in Dover’s Gateway Shopping Center along Forrest Avenue. The store developed a loyal customer base, eventually moving to a larger location in Smyrna in 2015.
According to Jewell, “Smyrna has been good to us. We’ve rediscovered our clientele; book fanatics, students and older foks. We’re also able to serve those
who don’t feel comfortable 
ordering online.”
Acorn Books is huge, housing thousands of books. The store offers open mic nights and other events — they are hoping to expand their slate of community events in the future. They also hope to soon offer coffee and food to customers. 
Jewell’s goal is to create a positive customer experience that will keep readers coming back. “My favorite thing ever is turning someone on to a new book or a new genre, especially children. It’s so important to be reading books to your child because you’re preparing their mind to expand and grow,” said Jewell. 
If you stop by the bookstore and can’t find what you’re looking for, the friendly staff can easily order whatever you need. Lots of people stop by just to chat with Jewell and her husband. If you love reading as much as they do, the conversation will never be dull. “Being around books still makes me happy. It thrills me to no end to look around and see how many books are in this room right now. Like when a little kid has 80 pieces of candy, that still happens to me with books,” said Jewell. 
Acorn Books is located at 2421 South DuPont Blvd. in Smyrna. They are open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can also call them at 302-508-2222 or visit

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A gathering space to meet friends.
Acorn Books features a large children’s section.
A reminder hangs in the bookstore, asking visitors to support local businesses.
Many of the books are used, an affordable alternative to purchasing new books online.
A customer gathers an armful of books to purchase.