Give Co-op Crews a Break!

Crews Working

The job of a Co-op lineman is already tough. We need your help to keep their job from becoming even more difficult. Over the past few months, crews have reported several incidents of nearly being struck by vehicles while working to restore power along our local roadways.

Far too often our linemen say drivers do not slow down as they pass our crews working across our service territory. We’d like to ask all of our members to treat our linemen the same way you’d want a member of your family treated.

Please slow down if you see crews working along the road and, if on a two-lane highway, please move into the other lane. Not only is this good advice, it’s the law. If you follow the law, you will not only become a more courteous driver, but you will help ensure our line crews get to go home at the end of the day to their wives and children.

If you don’t move over, you could be fined. Unless you are experiencing an emergecy, there is no excuse for not slowing down while Co-op crews, DelDot employees and emergency responders are working.

We could all stand to be better drivers and now is the perfect time to start! Thank you all for your help.