Friends in High Places

DEC Linemen Working

When Delaware Living magazine went to print in 2019, most DEC employees had never heard of social distancing. No employee knew what COVID-19 was — the virus was not yet spreading around the globe. One year later, Co-op employees refer to these terms every day, part of a new reality that has reshaped daily utility operations and forced millions of other businesses to adapt to a very different world.   

Many of Delaware Electric Cooperative’s customer service representatives are answering calls from home. Engineers are analyzing system performance from their living rooms, and our CEO is maintaining contact with all employees from his kitchen table. The Co-op has done everything it can to protect our employees from the spread of the virus while also providing our 103,000 members with reliable power. 2020 has been a challenge — one that our Co-op employees have taken on with confidence. They know they are up to the task. 

While Delawareans continue to return to work and some sense of normalcy, we know many members are suffering from the unprecedented economic fallout. We’ve put together important information for those members on our website, and we want all members to know we are here for them during this difficult time. 
We understand members are struggling during this crisis. Many businesses have closed or have significantly reduced
their hours. 

On March 19th, the Co-op decided to temporarily waive late fees for members who are having trouble paying their bills. Disconnects for nonpayment were also temporarily stopped. Members who are struggling to pay their bills during the pandemic are encouraged to call 855-332-9090 to set up a payment plan. Members are also encouraged to reach out to local agencies that may be able to help them. A list of agencies can be found at

As Co-op employees and members become accustomed to wearing a mask and taking extra steps to protect the vulnerable, Co-op leaders want to assure members that DEC will be there for them, no matter what the next few months have in store. Rest assured, you have friends in high places and they are proud to keep the lights on.