DEC Member Named Winner in National Electric Cooperative Contest

Karli Swope

Delaware Electric Cooperative member Karli Swope has been named a winner in Touchstone Energy’s national #Whopowersyou contest. Swope was named a winner for her efforts to rescue and care for animals at the Grass Roots Rescue Society, which she co-founded.

The contest asked members of electric cooperatives across the country to nominate individuals who have made a difference in their communities. Karli was nominated by her friend, Bonnie Arvay. Her entry received more than 1,200 online votes during the contest.

According to Arvay, “In the time that I've known Karli Swope, my appreciation for the work she does, day in and day out, has not stopped growing. Over $50,000 has been spent in that time on community aid, mostly in the form of medical assistance to animals in need, resulting in an untold number of animal lives being saved. She powers both my community and my belief in humanity.”

Swope and Brittani Clegg founded Grass Roots Rescue Society in 2013 in Rehoboth. Since then, Swope, Clegg and volunteers have helped rescue and find homes for more than 600 dogs, cats and other animals.

The Rescue will receive a $150 donation from Touchstone Energy and a $1,000 donation from Delaware Electric Cooperative as a result of Karli being named a winner in the contest. The money will help the Grass Roots Rescue Society further its mission to help needy animals across Delaware.

Touchstone Energy represents a nationwide alliance of member-owned electric co-ops, including Delaware Electric Cooperative. To learn more about the contest and to view other winning entries, please visit To read more about the work of the Grass Roots Rescue Society, please visit