DEC Announces Clean Energy Plan

Solar Farm

As a not-for-profit consumer-focused utility, Delaware Electric Cooperative is committed to providing members with reliable, affordable, and sustainable power. Our goal of providing 105,000 homes, farms and businesses with clean energy has never been more important. The Co-op has announced a new clean energy plan with a goal to reduce carbon emissions 75 percent by 2050. Our mission is to reduce our impact on the environment while also ensuring the hard-working Delawareans and small businesses we proudly power can pay for the energy they use.

Since 2005, our member-owned Co-op has reduced its carbon footprint by more than 40 percent, all while offering some of the lowest rates in the region. We’ve achieved this feat by offering members innovative programs, improving our distribution system and by funding home energy efficiency improvements. We plan to further reduce our carbon footprint through a combination of renewable energy projects, battery storage, technological advancements and by phasing out older fossil fuel-driven power plants. This integrated approach to controlling our carbon intensity will help the environment and allow us to continue to offer affordable power to those we serve. Our cooperative business model allows us to focus on people, not profits. Because of this, DEC is well-positioned to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of the communities we power and to protect our natural treasures. 

Read DEC Green Energy Plan HERE.