Caramel Apple Freezer Pie

Caramel Apple Pie

3 cups caramel ice cream

1 cup Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or Apple Juice (either one would be delicious!)

1/2 (20 ounce) can apple pie filling

1 premade graham cracker pie crust

2 cups cinnamon cereal (such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch), crushed

Caramel ice cream topping

1. In a blender, mix together the caramel ice cream and sparkling cider until smooth.

2. For the apple pie filling, take a butter knife and while apples are still in the can, run the knife through to cut the pieces. Fold the apples and glaze into the ice cream mixture and stir until well mixed.

3. Pour the ice cream mixture into the prepared pie crust and smooth out the top.

4. Pour the crushed cereal over the pie and lightly press down to make sure it adheres.

5. Pour your desired amount of caramel syrup over the top.

6. Freeze overnight or for a minimum of six hours.

7. Top with whipped cream and more caramel.

8. Enjoy!

***NOTE: The pie is best when it is slightly thawed. When ready to serve, let it sit out for 5-10 minutes so it’s extra creamy!